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    Here are the comments from the customers who have experienced how comfortable our tailor-made shoes are.

    The enamel is very soft and smooth.

    I am very thankful for the adjusting the shoes in detail.

    Currently my shoes are in the fitting stage, and I look forward to wearing it soon.

    Thank you so much.


    S.K. May 2018


    This my first time ordering the tailor-made shoes.
    The shoes are like one of the parts of my body.
    I am very satisfied as I did not anticipate that the shoes would fit precisely.
    The heel of the footwear I ordered is 3-centimeter-high, and how I wish I could wear a 5-centimeter heels.
    If there is a chance I would like to order it again.


    K.H. May 2018


    I had trouble unable to find the shoes that fits me well.
    I found this store unexpectedly and felt very happy as they listened to my small matters.
    I ordered the most basic footwear as I did not know what to try, and I am looking forward to wearing it. Thank you so much.


    Y.O. March 2018


    In the past, I have purchased so my types of pumps but could not wear them because some parts were too tight, or the heel was too loose.
    I found my very own pumps for the first time.
    The heel fitted perfectly, and my toes were not tight.
    As my height is short, I like wearing high‐heeled shoes. But I think I used to feel the stress because the shoes were uncomfortable.
    From now on, I look forward to wearing the pumps. I love the beautiful design, the shape of the heels and so on) . Next time, I would like to order another type of design.


    M.K. February 2018

    I am very happy because my pumps turned out to be very cute then I have expected. I can’t believe that the heel height is as high as 7cm because it is so comfortable.

    My mom saw the process of ordering the shoe and she was also moved to see how much the craftsman and the consultants care about making the shoes. I will definitely take a good care of my order-made pumps.

    Thank you so much.


    K.K. December 2017


    I have never come across a shoe which fits me so well. When I started to think that I will need to order a tailor-made shoe, I got to know about Millimeter.

    Feet measurement and observation was done very neatly. I was surprised to wear the completed shoe because it did not hurt my feet at all. I can’t wait to go out somewhere.


    H.E. November 2017


    I got to know “Millimeter” from the newspaper. The feet are measured from several angles and how I walk. I was able to try the shoe when it was only half done. I felt like the shoe was one of the part of my body and felt very light.

    Today, I wore the shoe for the first time after the completion. I was able walk with my back straight and walk beautifully.

    Thank you so much. I will treasure the shoe.


    K.M. October 2017


    Hallux valgus in my feet is always troublesome when wearing shoes. Millimeter is very reliable because of the frequent adjustment of my feet. It was very helpful for me to be able to go at the late time of an hour. If it is more affordable price, I would order a shoe other than for a working purpose.


    A.A. October 2017


    I looked forward to completion of the shoe. The shoe fitted me very well and I can’t wait to wear it at work.

    For the second shoe, I chose the color, beige and can’t wait for completion. I want to try designing a different type then a fist one.


    Y.U. October 2017

    I could not find a shoe that fits me well for a very long time. I was very happy to get a pair of tailor-mades shoes which was adjusted for a several times until I was satisfied.


    M.A. September 2017


    I could not find a shoe that fits me well for a very long time. I was very happy to get a pair of tailor-mades shoes which was adjusted for a several times until I was satisfied.


    M.A. September 2017

    My shoes were adjusted for a several times. It was great that my leather was also changed during the shoe creating. I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you so much.


    Y.S. September 2017

    It is my first time in my life, warning pumps that fits perfectly with my heels. I was touched when I put on the shoes. Although the toe type is pointed, I don’t feel the tightness and it is very wonderful!

    I heard that it will only take 3 months from measuring the feet to receiving the shoes. However, it took 5 months for me. I wish I was told that it would take half of a year in advance.


    K.K. September 2017

    I was very touched because this was my first time in my life wearing a shoe which does not hurt me at all. I look forward to keep wearing it for several hours in a day. The customer service for after care is also great.


    C.H. September 2017

    The shoes fit completely and very easy to walk. I am thinking of ordering the second shoe.


    A.Y. September 2017

    As soon as I wore the shoe, I was able to tell the difference. Amazing! It was not loose at all. I can tell the tightness is from the condition of the leather.

    I’m going to recommend this to my friends and want to order another one with a different color.


    September 2017

    This is be best tailor-made shoes that I have ever ordered.

    I love the design of my pumps. I had the shoe color selected by the consultant and the recommendation was perfect.

    Thank you for taking a lot of time for me.


    M.Y. September 2017

    I was looking forward to the day I get my tailor-made shoe for the first time. The shoe fits me well and it is very comfortable. I am going to enjoy wearing it. Thank you so much.


    E.A. September 2017

    It was my first time not feeling any pain when wearing a new shoe. I like wearing high-heeled shoes. Now I can wear it without anxiety although I stand a lot when I work. I was very happy because the staff listened to so many requests I raised.


    R.M. August 2017

    I am very delighted to encounter the shoes that fits me so perfectly. I do not feel the looseness of the heels and won’t get tired even though I wear them for a long time of period.


    R.M. August 2017

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