• ◆Questions about Eoluna Shoes

    Q. Can we see the process of making shoes and the shoes which is created?


    A.Feel free to come and see at” Shoes Cafe” bespoke shoes, Tomigaya, Tokyo. Please submit the form to tell us your availability. If you come after 11:30am on weekdays, you can enjoy the lunch and coffee at the dining kitchen next to our studio.


    Q.How come the price is so low although the shoes are complete order-made?


    A.It is because we can shrink the time and skill for creating shoe last by using the most up to date IT technology. The shoes itself are hand made by well experienced Japanese artesian, and we provide a highest rank of materials and quality.


    Q.How long does it take to receive my tailor-made shoes?


    A.It will take about 3 months from taking the order, since the shoes are handmade created one by one.


    Q.Other than pumps and booties, are we able to order sandals and boots?


    A.Currently ordering other than pumps and booties are limited to customers who have already ordered a pair of shoes from us. Please consult with the shoe advisor because the price and the delivery time may depend on the design.


    Q.Do you make men’s shoes?


    A.Unfortunately, Eoluna is only for women’s shoes at this moment. However, we are thinking of providing men’s shoes in the future. If you are interested to receive an up to date information about when the service is ready, please submit the contact form.


    Q.Can you fix the shoes purchased from another store?


    A.You are entitled get a chance to fix just one pair of shoes purchased from another store. However, it would be a different service from Eoluna. This service is recommended for those who wishes to understand the process of how our tailor-made shoes are created. Please reserve an appointment from here.


    Q.This there a tailor-made gift ticket?


    A.Please order from the Gift page. We also have a ticket called “Bibbidi-bobbidi Shoes”, for adjusting your own shoes, too.

  • ◆Questions about Ordering a Shoe

    Q. Can we order any design?


    A.We create shoes for customer’s fashion and the usage. Please inform all your preference to the shoe adviser such as materials, colors, shape and thickness of the toe, color of sole, straps, etc.

    If you already have a preferred design that you found from the brochure, scrap of the magazine or image in the smartphone, please bring one so that it will be easier for us to understand your preference.


    Q. I am not confident of designing a shoe by myself from a scratch?


    A.Let’s design your ideal shoe, by answering the questions from the shoe consultant. We can customize based on the standard design or see an image from the picture.


    Q. Can we order any type and height of heels?


    A.For toe shape, you can choose from pointed, square, and round. Height of the heel is either 3cm, 5cm, or 7cm, and you can choose either thin or wide width.

    Other types of heel is also available with additional charges.


    Q. I have a problem with hallux valgus.


    A.Number of women have problems with hallux valgus. Please be assured that will we create the shoes based on the shape of your bone.
    Depending on the shape of your feet, we might suggest changing some design to minimize the stress your body may feel.


    Q. My foot size is small (big) and the shoes in the ordinary store does not fit.


    A.We provide a complete tailor-made shoe from creating each shoe last for each customer based on the 3D measurement of your feet.

    For this reason, we highly recommend this service to the customers whose feet length is not only short but also have small heel, thin instep, narrow feet and unable to fit with the ordinary shoes in the market.


    Q. My left and right size of the feet is different. Can I still order?


    A.No problem. There is no one in the world with exact same size of left and right feet. Shoe last is created by 3D measurement. Both your left and right feet will be measured.

  • ◆Questions about Our After-Sales Service

    Q.The shoes created in the past does not fit me anymore. Are you able to readjust it again?


    A.Although it fitted perfectly at the testing stage, there are cases that the shoes would not fit well afterwards, and your feet start to hurt.Please contact as soon as possible if you feel uncomfortable wearing the shoes. There is no limitation towards the amount and duration for readjusting your order-made shoes from us.

    However, we may recommend another measurement and recreate the shoes if the last measurement of your feet is more than a year.


    Q.Does after-sales service apply to the shoes I purchase here?


    A.Please feel free to consult about changing the heels and soles that are used up or inner sole becoming dirty.

    We need about 2 weeks of time for repairment. We accept using delivery services.

  • ◆Questions about Measuring the Feet

    Q.Where do we measure our feet?


    A.Normally your feet measurement is only done at”Shoes Cafe” bespoke shoes in Tomigaya, Tokyo. Click to look at the map.

    We sometimes hold an event to measure the feet in other places. For latest information, please check our Facebook.


    Q.Any recommendation what to wear when I come to measure my feet?


    A.Please come with clothes that makes you relaxed. We recommend you wearing a sock rather than stocking or tights as you well be on your bear feet during the measurement.You may use our restroom if you wish to change your clothes.


    Q.Which time of period shall I choose for the feet measurement?


    A.Foot size changes a lot during a day.You may come at any period of time, and we will check and consider the range of your comfortable zone during the feet measurement.

    If you think that your size of the foot differs between morning and evening time, we suggest you to come in the evening.


    Q.Can I bring my friends or families during the feet measurement?


    A.Yes. Please come and you can decide the design with your friends and families. You can also bring your boyfriend.


    Q.Can I get my own shoe last?


    A.No, it is no provided to the customers. The shoe last will be managed with all the digital data in our company. We apologize for your inconvenience.

  • ◆Questions about the Ordering Process and the Payment

    Q.What is the price?


    A.A pair of Eoluna pumps are 65,000 yen with sales tax included. A pair of booties are 120,000 with sales tax included.

    Additional costs apply for choosing a special martials and adding extra parts. For example, leather sole: 10,000yen, Strap: 3,000yen


    Pumps which is designed based upon the magazine scrap or the image will be 85,000yen.


    Q.Can I cancel after ordering the shoes?


    A.Sorry, but no cancellation after the shoes is in the process of creation. During the testing, if there are any parts that is against your image, please let us know, and we will handle them.

    Please be assured that we will adjust your shoes to fit well without charge during the testing and even after hand over.


    Q.What is the payment method?


    A.Cash or credit card is accepted. Please be noted that the payment for the gift ticket is credit card only.


    Q.When is the payment?


    A.You will need to pay 10,000 yen as a partial payment when measuring your feet. Please pay the remaining amount when you receive the completed shoes.


    Q.How do we purchase the gift ticket?


    A.In gift page, click (or tap; same occurs from the following) “Purchase” button. “Your order” will appear.

    Click and make a check mark for “By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service”. After you click, “Checkout” button will be no longer be grayed-out.

    For shipping information, type in the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Then click “Check the order” button.

    Check the details. After typing in the credit card information, the payment is completed.

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