• How to order

    Feel free and enjoy taking measurement and designing the shoes as you are in the café.

    FIRST STEP: 3D Feet Measuring

    Your left and right foot will be measured in detail together with consultation.


    Normally, the craftsman will measure your feet manually by using the measuring tapes.
    Here, every shape of your feet including your bone and your blood vessel will be measured accurately by the 3D scanner.


    This 3D measurement is the key to create the shoes that fits the shape of your heel, toe, sole, curve of instep, foot circumference, and foot length.

    SECOND STEP: Customizing and Designing

    Colors, fabric, shape - You can customize “every” part of your pumps.


    ・Toe Type: Pointed, Squared, Rounded

    ・Vamp Shape: Rounded, V-Shaped, Squared

    ・Heel Heights: 3cm, 5cm, 7cm

    ・Heel Types: Narrow, Thick

    ・Colors and Materials: Choice from more than 100 types


    Additional charges apply for other customizations from above.You can bring your favorite picture, brochure, or magazine that you like, and we will design the original shoes for you.


    <For futher details>

    THIRD STEP: Creating the actual shape of your feet

    Your shoe last will be created by an experienced artesian utilizing the newest technology of 3D data based on your feet measurement design of the shoes.


    Handmade shoe last normally needs more than 1 month to complete. However, by implementing 3D printer with minute data of your feet, the shoe last is completed within few days. The burden of remeasuring is also gone. For this reason, the price of our tailor-made shoe is very low.

    FORTH STEP: Creating the Shoes

    Your shoes will be created by the shoe last based on the design of your shoes.


    In Eoluna, tightness and looseness of your toes, the thickness of lining and sole is adjusted finely, depending on the health of your feet, the way you walk, the way your shoe sole decreases, and things you care about.


    Your will get a greatest satisfaction that you won’t get from semi-custom-made shoes, because the adjustment scope is very minute (1mm or less).


    Mitsuo Sakai, who is as well as a shoe advisor of Chacott (the most famous manufacturer and retailer of classic ballet products in Japan) , is in charge of advising all the upper making of the shoe.

    FIFTH STEP: Trying on and receiving

    Thanks for waiting. The masterpiece collaborated by you and Eoluna is completed. We will do the small adjustment needed and you will receive the shoes in about a week.


    The moment you put on the shoes is when you and Eoluna shines the most.
    We will provide you the unforgettable happiness as if the prince puts a glass shoe to Cinderella.

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