• A Genuine Shoe Created by 3D Technology and Craftsmanship

    A Tailor-Made Shoes from Japan

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    Design your custom shoes by choosing from a variety of colors, materials, height of the heels, and width of the heels.

    Eolona makes shoes that you always wanted with any kind of design that fits you perfectly.

  • What is “Eoluna”?

    Eoluna's tailored shoes are the best of everything.


    Just like there is no person as same as you are, every foot is not the same.

    Creating a shoe last with 3D measurement and 3D printer
    generates a shoe that fits your feet perfectly.

    The shoes should not just be easy to wear.


    You will choose the materials, colors, and shapes.
    We will handcraft your shoes to your specifications

    That’s how a Cinderella’s shoe which you love the most is created.


    Eoluna = Eternal + Luna

    Feet that will shine like a moon (Luna) forever (Eternal)

  • How to get started

    We need 3 months to complete from taking an appointment, because all of our shoes are made by hand, considering each customers’ needs and solutions,


    Make an appointment for feet measurement

    First, make an appointment for feet measurement in” Shoes Cafe” bespoke shoes,
    Tomigaya. This process is appointment only.


    Visiting our office for sizing the feet

    Your feet will be measured by 3D scanner together with feet consultation. After that you will
    choose the design.

    Click here for further details.


    Making the Shoes

    Your shoe last will be created by 3D printer based on the data. The experienced craftsman
    will use this shoe last to make your shoes neatly.


    Tying on and delivery

    You will receive the shoes in about 3 months after ordering the shoes.
    When you try it on for the first time and need further adjustment, you will receive the shoes
    in few days for completion.

  • Price

    Shoe last is free of charge by using our own technology.

    We provide a genuine shoe that fits you perfectly.


    Pumps   65,000 yen*

    Booties 120,000 yen*


    *Sales tax is included

    *Additional costs apply for choosing special materials and adding extra parts.


    Get in touch!

    2-2-22 Tomigaya Shibuyaku Tokyo 151-0063
    Weekday 10amー18pm
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